Commercial Painting

Our commercial painting services help companies and contractors add value to new and existing properties. With the use of efficient processes and premium materials, our skilled team is equiped to deliver exceptional results that improve the condition and quality of any commercial space.

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Interior Services

New Builds & Construction

We take pride in transforming new properties into polished and ready-to-use spaces. Partner with Sun Up for comprehensive new construction painting services that will set the standard for years to come. Our emphasis on precise caulking and expert priming guarantee an immaculate foundation for applying paint with sharp cut lines and a uniform finish.

MultiUnit Properties

We specialize in painting multi unit properties swiftly without compromising on quality. We employ efficient techniques and use high-quality materials to ensure a durable and flawless finish. Our team is experienced in managing large-scale projects, maintaining tight deadlines and delivering superior results that enhance the aesthetic appeal and longevity of the property.

Office Buildings

New or existing spaces, we tailor our techniques to suit each client. We take the utmost care in being efficient and courteous while working in spaces needing a revival. If the space is new or empty, we utilize our spray method to bring cost and labour hours down, keeping everyone happy.

Hotels & Resorts

At Sun Up, we love working with hotels and resorts to enhance the look of hospitality properties and create an inviting atmosphere for guests. Each project is tailored to the unique needs of the client, utilizing efficient processes and high-quality materials to achieve long lasting results.

Industrial Facilities

We provide protective coatings for industrial buildings, warehouses and manufacturing plants to safeguard against corrosion and extend the life of the structure.

Exterior Services

Exterior Painting

Transform your commercial property with a fresh coat. Our thorough preparation process includes filling, sanding, cleaning and caulking to ensure a smooth canvas for applying high-quality exterior paint. At Sun Up, we offer a wide selection of coatings and special finishes to suit any commercial structure.

Protective Coatings

Protect against moisture damage and extend the lifespan of exterior surfaces. We offer a variety of durable, protective coatings to improve weather resistance. We also take the time to carefully seal off gaps and joints, preventing water intrusion and maintaining structural integrity.

Power Washing

We always perform a thorough cleaning of all exterior surfaces to remove dirt, grime and debris before applying any paint or special coatings.

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